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Oakley is looking for his forever family as an inside pet. He is a 4 year old AKC registered Golden Retriever.

He is very smart, cautious, is house trained, fully vaccinatedand, nuetered, microchipped. He enjoys playing with other dogs in a small group. He is also ok with cats. A very routine, predictable and fairly calm household would be ideal. He has some anxiety issues. His ideal family loves and accepts him for who he is and who he is not.

Oakley is not the type of dog you can take anywhere. He would not like a dog park. He does not feel comforable around large groups of people and dogs.

Oakely does enjoy swimming, playing ball and carying around his stuffies. He enjoys being a part of a loving, understanding and compassionate family.

Oakely is not one of the Furfeathers kids by birth but we accept him as our own. Unfortunatly he has not has an easy journey. We are going to do our best to see that his worries from the past are just that, in the past.

Oakley needs a family where someone is home most of the day with him. He does not like to be alone but can tollerate it for short periods of time. He should NEVER be boarded. He gets severe anxiety when closed up in small places. Oakey does not do well wiit a leashe and will run off so he MUST have a fenced in yard.

Here is a video of him playing ball inside.

Here is a video of him playing with a young child.