September 20th - Journey's babies get their vet check on Monday. They are weaned now and eating dry food and drinking water. It is almost time for them to go home and be with their new families.

The first time outside really did not bother this litter at all. Cash and Chain were a bit nervous but not too bad for their first time seeing this great big crazy world.

Kale looks like he belongs in a toy store!

Camelia was so relaxed she gave a great big stretch.

September 13th -Champagnes puppies will be weaned tomorrow. They are eathing dry food and drinking water. I sprinkle a bit of Purina Forta Flora on their food in the morning. This helps the sensitive puppy tummies feel good.

The 6 week vet check will be this week. We use Hillsdale Animal Hospital for our veterinary care. A health record will go home with each puppy to share with your vet.

It is almost time for these little ones to go and be with their new families. Dont forget to get all of your supplies and food. Here is a list that you may find helpful.

Please be aware that your puppy should not go anywhere non-vaccinated pets could be until they are fully vaccinated. Discuss this with your vet during your puppy's first vet visit. Such places to avoid include pet stores, dog parks, puppy classes, rest stops, etc.

They did great with their first time outside.

Here is a peek of the puppies playing with Journey's puppies.

Pine was checking everything out today during our photo shoot.

Journey's puppies are very playful now. They are eating some dry food and drinking water too. They still get wet food twice a day for now.

Flare is chilin while waiting for her turn at pictures. Very smart little girl.

September 6th -Champagne's puppies are eating dry food and drinking water. They are doing great with their litter box too.

Here is a video of them playing.

Here are a few videos, Video1Video2, of the boys playing. So cute!

Journey's puppies have grown alot this week. They are playing more and eating a ton. Shimmer has figured out how to climb out of the whelping box so the door is closed and we let mom nurses every few hours.

Just look at these lovely ladies ready for the Kentucky Derby!
Page is thrilled with her hat. The pink just makes her eyes sparlkle.

Shimmer, you look lovely!

August 30th - Champagne's puppies decided to pass on the wet food and go right to the dry food. They have it in their whelping box to nibble on thru the day. They have started drinking water too. Champagne still feeds every few hours.

These puppies are very happy and playful. Here is a video of Tumbleweed chilling for picture time. Such a sweet boy.

We had a scare with Journey's SweetPea. She wasn't feeling quite herself Saturday morning. Just to be safe we took her to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Winston Salem.

She is feeling much better now. We are very fortunate to have skilled doctors so close by to help us if we need them.

These puppies have started on wet food and have been devouring it. They have starting playing with each other some too. We will see big changes in these kids this week.

Here is a video of Journey's puppies nursing. Poor mama! Look how strong they are. SweetPea is right in the middle of them, fighting like a champ to get her fair share.

August 23rd - Page was the first to get out of the whelping box. We added an extension to the door way so this helps keep everyone inside.
We started Champagnes puppies on food this evening. Water soaked and warmed dry food with a bit of puppy formula mixed in. We will gradually do this 3 times a day. We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed puppy food.

Here is a video of the puppies having puppy food for the first time.

Journey's puppies are just focused on eating every few hours. On Friday they will start food and this will really help them gain some weight. Their ears and eyes are open wide.

Champagne puppies and their first meal.

Tumbleweed meets Shimmer at the photo shoot. He really doesn't seem interested.

August 16th - Champagnes puppies have eyes and ears open. They have started walking and even playing with each other.

They have toys now...

Journeys puppies are eating all the time. She is doing a great job taking care of her babies. SweetPea and Tungsten gave us a bit of a scare. The others werent sharing so they needed some TLC for a day and they have come back as strong as ever. Little fighters!

Journey and one of her babies having a snooze and snuggle...

August 10th - Champagne's puppies are starting to crawl around more now. Eyes are open for everyone but Pine. They are starting to be more vocal too. Lake had a big boy bark today.

Here is Sahara with her eyes bright and open...

Here is Pine still looking like Mr. Magoo...

August 9th - Journey and her 10 little ones are doing great. They were born on Friday night. 4 girls and 6 boys. She is a first time mom and managing it wonderflully. Their individual pictures will start next weekend. I will get their group picture for the puppy page posted tomorrow.

Champagne and her puppies are doing just fine. They look like little walruses. I will get their pictures posted tomorrow. Busy weekend!

She is a tired mommy here...

Such is so proud. Feeling on top of the world.

July 30th- Champagne had 2 girls and 3 boys. Everyone is doing just fine.

Puppies are staying very close to mom right now.

Tumbleweed is the smallest puppy. So Cute....