October 13th - Ocean still stays close by. Suede has been exploring the whelping box more. We put a big stuffed dog in there so he can snuggle if Ocean has stepped away. This poor stuffed puppy has been around a while and had many trips thru the washing machine but he still is a big help with the lonely only puppy.

We started food on Tuesday. He is a bit picky and wants it just the right temperature. Water soaked and warmed dry food with a bit of canned mixed in, 3 times a day. We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed puppy food.

October 6th - His ears and eyes are open wide now. He is still spending his day eating and sleaping but is starting to move around the whelping box more. Ocean leaves him for little bits of time now. She still stays very close. We will put toys with him this week.

He did not appreciate the flash in his face... NOPE...

September 28th - Eyes are open! Ocean barely leaves him. She sometimes just lays next to him watching him sleep. Listening to him breath. I think she is extra protective with him thinking she is all he has right now. Maybe she knows he is her last baby. It is beautiful!

September 18th - Ocean and her little boy are doing fine. He is eating well and staying snuggled up to mom.