February 8th -They are eathing dry food and drinking water. I sprinkle a bit of Purina Forta Flora on their food in the morning. This helps the sensitive puppy tummies feel good. They will be weened very soon.

The 6 week vet check will be on this week. We use Hillsdale Animal Hospital for our veterinary care. A health record will go home with each puppy to share with your vet.

It is almost time for these little ones to go and be with their new families.

Please be aware that your puppy should not go anywhere non-vaccinated pets could be until they are fully vaccinated. Discuss this with your vet during your puppy's first vet visit. Such places to avoid include pet stores, dog parks, puppy classes, rest stops, etc.

They did great with their first time outside.

Here is a peek of the puppies in their whelping box. Growing up so fast!

Lava is like... Are we done yet? Im getting kinda cold...

Twine is not impressed with this outside world. He is waiting patiently to go back inside.

Febuary 2nd - We started food on Sunday last weekend. Water soaked and warmed dry food with a bit of canned mixed in, 3 times a day. We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed puppy food.

Here is a video of the puppies having puppy food for the first time. They started having dry food on Tuesday. It stays in the whelping box all day but they are still getting the wet food for breakfast and dinner.

They have play time now in a play pen. This is a fun time for them all.

Here is a video of the boys having play time and exploring the water bowl. Messy kids! Lava is the water lover in this litter.

Pesto... Your tongue is sticking out.

Java is my thinker. He was the first to escape out of the whelping box.

January 25th - They are playing more now. Alot of naps and dinners. This weekend we will introduce food and add a litter box.

Teddy Bear... give me 5...

Look at that Twine's expression. He looks troubled.

January 19th - The puppies are very active now. Eyes are open and they are waking around. They are starting to be more vocal now. Especially when they are hungry.

Here is a video of the puppies having a snack.

Java has quite the expression here...

January 12th - We lost our precious Calico this week. Very hard. I guess someone in heaven needed a puppy. That makes my heart hurt a little less...

Eyes are opening. They are starting to walk a little. Everyone is doing well.

Here is a video of the puppies snoozing.

Pesto looks like a little cub here on his back. Little black piggies. Sooo cute!

January 5th - Champagne had her babies on her 7th birthday. Happy birthday to them all! Everyone is doing just fine.