Item Description
Wire Crate Any sturdy wire crate works well. The slide-out tray makes clean-up much easier. Place a towel or small blanket inside. This helps keep your puppy dry if they do have an accident.
Puppy Play Pen These offer a safe and portable play area. They can be used to close off a room or stairs keeping your adventure seeking puppy away from certain places. You can also clip the playpen to the sides of the crate for additional crate space.
Toys, Toys and more Toys! They are going to play and chew on something. A good supply of toys help keeps their interest. Baby toys are great. Puppies love the ones that crinkle and rattle. They love stuffed toys too. No stuffed toys with the little beads inside, just incase they get it opened.
Food Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Puppy dry food is what we feed the puppies. They like just a bit of the Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Classic Chicken and Rice Entree Canned food mixed with it. Get a small bag of dry food even if you plan to switch foods. If you would like to feed a different food, select a quality "Top Shelf" dog food (Eukenuba, Royal Canine, Blue Buffalo, etc) and gradulally work in the new food to help to avoid upset tummies.

Feed a large breed puppy food until your puppy is 2 years old unless your vet says otherwise.
Bowls The raised feeders with the stainless bowls are nice. Once your puppy is house trained, water should be available at all times so a larger water bowl may be a better option.

Teething Aids

These Nylabone puppy chews are great and last a very long time.

Treats Choose quality puppy treats to avoid upset tummies. Keep some in a candy dish by the door for a special reward every time they come back in from going potty.
Collar and Leash

The nylon and ribbon collars are nice and wash well. You should be able to get 2 fingers easily under the collar once properly adjusted.

Always remove the collar or harness from your puppy before placing them in their crate or playpen.

Small blanket Bring a small blanket or towel with you when you pick up your puppy. It will be rubbed on mom and siblings to help comfort your puppy while transitioning to your home.